Instructions for the Submission of “extended abstract” and “Full Paper”


In order to submit your paper online, you ought to go through the following steps:

Step 1

Go to and then open the “paper” menu. Read “Guide for Authors” before the submission of your “extended abstract”. The templates for both “extended abstract” and “full paper” are available there.

Step 2

Click on “submit paper” in the “paper” menu. The system will ask you for an account as shown in the picture below. For so doing you should first create an account in the website. 

Step 3

.After having created an account, the following page will appear. On this page, you can click on “submit new paper” in order to submit your abstract as shown in the picture below

Step 4

To submit your abstract the following page will appear. Complete this page based on the instructions given in the “Guide for Author” and the “Extended Template” given there. You should bear in mind that the extended abstract should not be less than 450 and not more than 500 words. The system will not allow you to continue if you do not follow the word limits.


Step 5

The next page will be like the picture below. Complete the page and click on next.



Step 6

The next page will be asking for the topic of your paper. You should choose to which theme your paper belongs to.

Step 7

In the next page you can leave comments or enquiries for the conference chair if you have any.

Step 8

In the last page you can submit the “extended abstract” or the “full paper” (if you have it now). For this stage you should submit your extended abstract. If your abstract is accepted, you will be later informed to submit your full paper (maximum 4000 words).